I’m Becca.

I’m married to an extraordinary man, and am the mother to two dogs. We live in Austin, Texas.

I do not own cowboy boots, I dislike country music, and I think Paula Deen’s accent is the worst.

I am a seventh generation Texan, I put jalapenos in everything, and I think the word y’all is perfectly fine to use in speech and writing.

We decided to call this food blog Dash of Texas because the food that comes through our kitchen is often a reflection of this state and the fun, weird, hipster-filled city that we call home. Not all of our recipes obviously fit that mold, but our kitchen is in the thick of this wild Central Texas landscape, run by us natives who are constantly inspired by our Austin surroundings. Whether it’s the sketchy Mexican food place hidden on a back road that changed our lives with one bite of their pulled pork tamale, or an unrepentantly hipster restaurant on South Congress with a remarkable vegan menu, we’re energized and excited by it.

And I think that’s what loving to cook is all about.


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